Building Permit Information

For any construction in Twin Falls County jurisdiction please contact the Building Department.

Building Design Criteria and Plan Preparation:

Wind Loading as follows: International Residential Code 90 mph, 3-second gust,
International Building Code mph varies with risk category.
Height and exposure adjustment coefficient is “C”
Snow Load 30 lbs. per sq. ft. (ground)
Seismic design category “C”
Design Temperature zero degrees Fahrenheit
Weathering Probability rating for concrete is “Severe”.
Frost line depth is 24” below finished grade.
Maximum soil bearing pressure is 1,500 lbs. per sq. ft. unless a soils investigation is provided Foundation walls over 9 ft. height require engineering design
Buildings over two-story height or of unusual design may require engineering design
Truss design drawings shall be in accordance with R802.10 and retained on site by the framing inspection.
Trusses need to be marked on the underside of the truss in the interior of the building.