Clerk of the District Court

Ex-Officio Auditor & Recorder



Kristina Glascock
630 Addison Ave W, 2nd floor
P.O. Box 126
Twin Falls, ID 83301
208-736-4182 (fax)



The Idaho Constitution established the position of clerk of the district court and provides for the election of this position every four years (Article 5, Section 16). A separate section of the state constitution provides that the clerk of the district court shall be ex-officio auditor and recorder (Article 18, Section 6). State law provides that the clerk of the district court be ex-officio auditor, recorder , and clerk of the board of county commissioners (Idaho Code 31-2001 and 34-112). In addition, the election laws specify the duties of the county clerk as clerk of the district court in the electoral process (Idaho Code 32/112). The County Clerk/auditor/recorder is authorized to appoint “as many deputies as may be necessary for the prompt an faithful discharge of the duties of the office (Idaho Code 32-112).