Catering Permits


Pursuant to Idaho Code §23-934A:

Any person holding an Idaho Retail Alcohol Beverage License may serve and sell liquor retail by the drink at a party or convention, and not to exceed three (3) consecutive days, upon obtaining a liquor catering permit. This must be applied for 30 days before the event is to be held.

Application for such permit shall be obtained from the city within which the liquor is to be served, or if not within a city, then to the county.

A filing fee in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) for each day the permit is to be effective shall be paid and shall not be refunded in any event.

Upon filing of an application, the agency receiving the application shall upon the recommendation of the Board of County Commissioners, approve or disapprove the application and indicate the determination on the face of the application. An application approved in this matter shall constitute a permit for the retail sale of liquor by the drink, beer and wine for the period authorized by the permit.


Pursuant to Twin Falls County Code Title 3-1-3:

Prohibition: No person shall sell, consume or possess any alcoholic or intoxication beverage on County property unless that person is authorized to do so by license, special permit or under authority of a governmental agency while in performance of official business.

Exceptions: Exception to the foregoing prohibition applies where any person, family or small assemblage of persons may consume and possess alcoholic beverage on, at, or in a group or assembly of people, meeting with a common design or purpose, which number more than two hundred (200) persons. (Ordinance 24, 6-28-1974)

Pursuant to Twin Falls County Code Title 3-1-4:

Permit Required: In the event that two hundred (200) or more persons are anticipated to be in attendance at a gathering in a County park for a common purpose, design, or entertainment function, and it is desired that alcoholic beverages be consumed on, at or in said County park; a representative of the sponsoring organization of individual shall make application for a special permit to do so. This permit shall be applied for thirty (30) days in advance of said event. Fee for permit is twenty dollars ($20.00) and can be obtained at the County Recorder’s Office.