Liquor License

Before July 1st of each year any establishment needing a license to sell alcoholic beverages must apply for a yearly license. You will need to bring in a copy of you new state license and the required fee.


Beer license: Draught, bottled, canned to be consumed on the premises 100.00
Beer license: Bottled and canned to be consumed on the premises 75.00
Beer license: Retail, not to be consumed on premises 25.00
Wine license: Both retail and by the drink 100.00
Liquor license-Twin Falls 187.50
Liquor license-Buhl 187.50
Liquor license-Kimberly 125.00
Liquor license-Murtaugh 75.00
Liquor license-Hansen 75.00
Liquor license-Castleford 75.00
Liquor license-Hollister 75.00
Liquor license-Golf Courses 100.00
Liquor license-Airport 100.00
Wine transfers 20.00
Beer transfers 5.00