Important Disaster Preparation and Recovery Websites

Disaster Preparedness:
American Red Cross:
Red Cross Family Disaster Supply Kit:

Red Cross Power Outage Checklist:…/power-outage
FEMA – Plan and Prepare for Emergencies:
FEMA – Special Needs Populations:

Weather Safety Awareness Brochures and Downloads:

FEMA – Before Winter Storms and Extreme Cold:
Winter Fires – Safety Tips for the Home:…/winter.shtm
Portable Generator Hazards – Fact Sheet on Emergency Use:
NOAA – Weather Radio All Hazards:
Winter Storms – Safety Tips for Heating Your Home:…/winter-storms-heating-homes.pdf
Flood Safety:
Lightning Safety:

Spanish Language (español) Disaster Preparation Information:
Spanish Language Site:

Map your neighborhood for Twin Falls County, please contact Jackie Frey at 208-736-4234

Weather Warnings, Advisories, Watches (Boise Office):
Idaho State Alert and Warning System (ISAWS):
Weather Maps:
CPC Seasonal Forecast Released:
Long Term Seasonal Outlooks:
Interactive Snowtel Maps:
River and Stream Observations:
River and Stream Forecasts:
Idaho Road Report, Idaho Transportation Dept. CALL 511 or
Winter Weather Flyer
Sand Bagging Techniques: