Welcome to Jury Service for Twin Falls County!

Thank you for your time and cooperation to the Judicial System. Your participation is important and appreciated.
If you ever have any question regarding your duties as a juror or have any problems, please call 736-0048.
Thank you,
Jerry Woolley
Twin Falls County Jury Commissioner

Please be sure to refresh this web site for the most current message available.

Jury Message Phone: 208-736-4142

Jury Commissioner Phone: 208-736-0048

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Wednesday, May 13th – Please take notice that we do have an active Jury scam going in TFC we do not have any warrants for arrest for any jurors in  Twin Falls County. Please do not give out any personal information over the phone or pay any cost or fees, involved. Again we have no warrants out regarding jury service. However we have recently mailed out jury summons for June service, if you have received an official summons please read it carefully if you have any questions or problems. you can call my office at 208-736-0048, thank you