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The second half of the 2014 property taxes are due on June 20, 2015.  Pay your taxes early to avoid penalty and interest, we accept the post office postmark as proof of payments made on time.  Please mail early!


Twin Falls County has installed a drop box on the North side of County West by the revolving door.  Anything dropped into the drop box after 5:00 PM won’t be posted until the next business day.  Do not place cash in the drop box.

dropbox-1 dropbox-2

The County Treasurer:

  • Receives, accounts for, and safely keeps monies belonging to the county
  • Reports all receipts to the auditor and receives an auditors certificate before depositing in county treasury
  • Pays for and retrieves county warrants when they are presented for payment
  • Keeps records of receipts and expenditures from all funds and makes a monthly and quarterly settlement with the auditor
  • Receives from the coroner any funds and property found on deceased bodies
  • Receives payment for and issues auctioneers and pawnbroker licenses

The ex-officio Tax Collector:

  • Invests money safely, interest earned has the effect of reducing property taxes
  • Furnishes detail tax information to lending institutions, title companies, realtors, accountants, taxing districts and individual taxpayers
  • Sends notices to taxpayers and collects the amount due on real property, mobile homes, personal property and occupancy tax
  • Issues warrants of distraint for delinquent mobile home and personal property taxes and delivers to the county sheriff to collect
  • Collects special assessments for water districts, fire protection districts, local improvement districts, county weeds, etc.
  • Collects and accounts from parties payment and prepaid property taxes
  • Notifies owners/lien holders and takes tax deeds to real property that has gone three years delinquent
  • Files claims with bankruptcy court on property owners who have filed various chapters of bankruptcy

The Ex-officio Public Administrator:

  • Takes charge of the estates of decedents for who no personal representative is appointed, decedents with no known heirs, estates ordered into his/her hands by the court, and estates to which the State of Idaho is an heir
  • Makes a perfect inventory of all estates taken into possession
  • Pays funeral expenses, expenses of the last sickness administrative expenses, creditors of heirs if the appear
  • After a final settlement of any estate, he/she must send remaining funds to state tax commission if there are no heirs or claimants
  • Makes a report to the judge every six months on all estates which have come into his/her hands

Things to know:

  • Taxes are due by December 20th of each year, with the second half due by June 20th.
  • We Accept the US Postmark as your payment date for current year tax. The postal service does not guarantee your item will be postmarked with the current date. Please Mail Early!
  • Partial payments can be made at any time on delinquent, current or future taxes.