Pay Taxes Online

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Pay Taxes Online

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of paying your taxes over the internet.
In order to process your payment, Point & Pay, the credit card service provider, charges a nominal convenience fee based on the type of payment method used.

Debit Card: $3.95 per transaction
Credit Card: 2.50% per transaction
E-Check: $2.00 per transaction

Please note:

  • If your transaction is declined, your bank may have set a maximum daily limit on your debit card account.  You will need to contact your bank to determine what the maximum amount is and if they will increase your limit.
  • If paying taxes on a warrant of distraint please contact the Sheriff’s Office directly at 208-733-4042 before making a payment.

To pay by Debit Card, Credit Card or E-Check (Electronic Check) visit

You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • A Parcel number
  • Your debit, credit card or Bank Account information
  • The amount of the tax payment
  • An email address

The system will:

  • Tell you the total of your payment including the appropriate fee
  • Obtain approval of the charge
  • Issue an onscreen confirmation number and a printable digital receipt. Confirmation is emailed to users who request it. The charge will also appear on your credit card or Bank statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line.